Model No. : SE-B2K

   VOIP Phone adapter box for Normal / Cordless Phone  


 Features :

  • Convert your normal phone / cordless phone to dual function phone with
    Voip / Skype support

  • Supporting Skype

  • 1 USB interface to PC, 1 FXS for regular phone, 1 FXO for PSTN call relays

  • Supporting DECT, 2.4G, 900M and any other wireless phones

  • Make/Receive both VoIP calls and regular PSTN calls

  • Auto-detection and auto-switch to VoIP or PSTN calls

  • Phone rings for all incoming VoIP and PSTN calls

  • VoIP or PSTN calls selected by phone key (*)

  • Dial using the phone keypads

  • USB and PSTN line LED indicator

  • Driver and sound card built-in, no external power required

  • PC-to-PC, PC-to-phone, Phone to Phone operation

 Install Configuration :


   Package :
  • B2K Telephone Adapter Box

  • User Manual

  • USB Cable

  • Optional Software CD


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