Model No. : SE-IP-PBX

¡@ 4 port Skype PBX exchange ¡@


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Products Description :

A major advantage of the SE-IPBX-01 is its seamless integration with existing PBX phone systems.

Small and medium-sized businesses are able to preserve the investment in their existing PBX phone systems while enjoying the cost savings and flexibility of Skype without a major forklift in equipment.

After installation, anyone in the office can access a Skype line. Just pick up the phone and press a preset number (8, for example), and AnyEx finds an open line. And, since Exchange routes Skype calls through the office PBX, calls are now made and received through existing office phones.

SE-IPBX-01 helps the customers to call your office telephone while browsing your website. Further more they can talk to you freely without any long distance call charge.

The Unique enterprise Skype ID makes it easy for the customers to remember your office Skype ID and to contact you

Features :
  • Seamless integration of Skype service into office existing PBX system without any change.
  • Supports 4 lines Skype call in and call out at the same time
  • Unique enterprise Skype account as hunt group with automatic distribution for all incoming Skype calls
  • Up to 10,000 Skype contact speed-dials
  • Centralizes all Skype activities to a single server especially for enterprise management
  • Powerful web visit for contacts management and log check
  • Uses only one Windows account to handle 4 Skype accounts
  • Supports 4 inbound and/or outbound calls concurrently
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Automatically finds a free line/port for the incoming or outgoing Skype call
  • Works with the existing PBX to provide other telephony features such as Call Transfer, Call Pickup,Call Hold, Call Waiting, Conference Call¡K etc. (PBX dependent)
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Specifications :





Telephone interface

4 FXS Port (RJ11 Modular Jack) for PBX analog trunk connection ports


Users Indicator & Lines Indicator


210~230 V

Operation Humidity

5~95% RH

Operation Temperature


Standard Support

Compliant with USB V1.1
Compliant with USB audio device class spec v1.0
Compliant with USB HID version 1.1


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¡@ System requirement:
  • Pentium 1000 HMZ or above, with 512MB RAM
  • WindowsXP
  • Skype version 2.0 or higher must be installed
  • Analog PBX
  • DECT phone or other analog phone
  • LAN/ADSL or faster Internet connections.
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