Model No. :SE-USB3-12A-20P

  USB 3.0 Internal 20 Pin to 2 X Type A Female Adapter ( no plastic case )  




  Features and Specifications :  


SE-USB3-12A-20P is a new solution for mother board US 3.0 connection.

As more and more mother boards are coming with 2 internal USB 3.0 port with Intel 20 Pin connectors, but this 20 Pin connector may not fit the connection requirement of your devices.

With this SE-USB3-12A-20P adapter, you can convert this Intel 20 Pin connection to 2 normal type A female connectors.

You can connect this to external device or to other Sedna Internal USB 3.0 Front Bay or Sedna full series of Internal USB 3.0 Hub / Card readers.

Connection Diagram :

Package contents :

  • 1 x Adapter



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