Model No. : SE-KVM-USB-2  
       USB 2 ports KVM Switch with PS2 and Audio port  
       Specifications and features :  


  • Plug and Play - Free of device driver in operating under Windows, Macintosh, FreeBSD, Sun Workstation and Linux environments
  • Hot Pluggable. Add or remove computers without powering off the KVM switch.
  • Supports resolution of up to 1920x1440
  • Supports 2 PC : 2 USB upstream ports and three downstream ports for keyboard & mouse and one spare port for USB expansion
  • Support PS2 keyboard
  • Allow users to control two computers from one USB console
  • Allows users to enter hot key commands for changing ports
  • Output beep sound for indicating a successful system switch
  • LED display for easy status monitoring
  • Keyboard emulation for error-free booting under BIOS
  • Change hotkey in run time
  • Four different hotkeys available to choose in various environments for better compatibility
  • Supports different interval latency auto-scan modes

Specifications :

  PC Port Connections :  
  USB Connectors : USB B type female ( x 2 )
  Monitor : HDDB 15-pinn Male ( x 2)
  Audio : Audio Female ( x 2 )2
  Console Connections  
  USB Keyboard : USB A type Female
  USB Mouse : USB A type Female
  USB Expansion : USB A type Female
  Monitor : HDDB 15-pin Female
  Audio : female Jack
  PS2 Keyboard : PS2 Din Female connector
       Package Content :  
  • USB KVM 2 port
  • User Manual
  • USB cables
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